Making a video like Project Alive, gathering the support of the Hunter Syndrome and general communities, and bringing it all together involved the efforts of many, many people – too many to list here, but here’s our meager attempt. If we’ve forgotten to list you, please know that we’ve appreciated every effort made to make this campaign a success.

Project Alive Video
Director: David Kiern
Producer: Melissa Hogan
Screenplay: David Kiern & Melissa Hogan
Audio on Location: Natalie Kiern
Audio in Studio: Bobby Robertson, Lampo Group
Narration: Melissa Hogan
Children: Ethan Altizer, Ryan Altizer, Ella Cancino, Nick Colmenares, Brock Hogan, Stella Insana, Austin Johnson, Allie Moore, Coleman Norwood, Lincoln Norwood, Sophia Pinnix, Trent Pinnix, Eric-Anthony Santos, Addison Stewart, Kate Stewart, Parker Stewart
Families: Colmenares Family (Gabe, Catalina, Nick, Dany), Fowler Family (Jason, Jamie, Jack, Juliet), Hogan Family (Chris, Melissa, Tyson, Brock, Case), Mitchell Family (Tim, Sarah, Declan)

Funding of Project Alive
David Adams
Colmenares Family
Fowler Family
Ron Hancock
Hogan Family
Mitchell Family

Jeanette Espinola
Matthias Pawlita
Bertha Torres
Miriam Beatriz Crespo

Promotional Relations
Jennifer Carter
Jeanette Espinola
Jamie Fowler
James Helou
Chris Hogan
Melissa Hogan
David Renton
Geraldine Renton
Nate Scherer
Jared Spaeth


Awareness and Energy Team
Entire Hunter Syndrome community
Members of the Hunter Syndrome Research Coalition
Caring for Carter
Help Extinguish Hunter Syndrome
Hope 4 Hunter
Hunter Syndrome Foundation
MPS II Fund of The Isaac Foundation
Ryan Our Lion
Saving Case & Friends
Together Saving Dany