Who are we?

Saving Case & Friends, Inc., the sponsor of the Project Alive campaign, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (Tax ID: 46-4617970) dedicated to finding and funding a cure for Hunter Syndrome through research and advocacy.

Saving Case began as a blog in 2011 to share information about Hunter Syndrome, support families affected by the disease, and advocate in the rare disease community. Its following spread internationally until it was being read in over 100 countries worldwide.

In 2014, Saving Case & Friends was incorporated as a nonprofit by four parents of children with Hunter Syndrome who were determined to fund a cure for all of the Hunter Syndrome children they had come to know and love, including their own. The team at Saving Case & Friends is experienced in advocacy, fundraising, speaking and writing on rare disease issues, and collaborations with FDA, industry, and other relevant parties in furthering effective and efficient research in Hunter Syndrome and other rare diseases.

To learn more about Saving Case & Friends, please visit SavingCase.com. To meet the team behind Project Alive, check out the Leadership of Saving Case & Friends.