“Alive” written by Saving Case & Friends president Melissa Hogan and number one hit songwriter Mark Irwin, is now a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition! It is also up for a People’s Voice award, where the public votes until April 15. Please VOTE for “Alive” (1st song in the Country category) to share the story of our fight to save boys from Hunter Syndrome.

Check out the powerful lyric video and the lyrics below.

Words & Music by Melissa Hogan & Mark Irwin

She said I bet he’ll play football
He looks so big and strong
Momma turned away to hide her tears
A man once gave me a fire hat
Said I bet he’ll grow up into that
Momma just pretended not to hear

No I don’t wanna be a fireman or a football star
That ain’t close to what my wishes are

I want to be alive
That’s my only dream
But for some of us it’s harder than it seems
I want to live my life
Grow into a man
I want to watch my mom grow old and hold her hand
I want to be alive

They said there was no cure in sight
No chance for a normal life
Take him home and love him ’till he’s gone
But momma never was the same
A dragon fighter she became
And everyday she’s singing me this song

I want you here alive
That’s my greatest dream
But they’re saying that you won’t see seventeen
I want to save you son
And others just like you
Slay the dragon that has ripped my heart in two
I want you here alive

So she gave it all she had for years
No shame no pride but many tears
And after all the trials were said and done

I’m more than just alive
I’m living every day
As if this could soon be taken all away
I love with all my soul
Forgive without a thought
And hold tight to all my family all along

I want to be alive
As simple as that seems
I want to live long after seventeen
Content with one more day
Until I’m old and gray
Till heaven leads me to my final dream
I want to be alive

(c) 2015 Melissa Hogan & Mark Irwin