Grant Inquiries

Learn about our funding opportunities for Hunter Syndrome (MPS II) Research. Apply for grants and learn about our requirements to see if you are eligible.

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Interested in Applying for Funding to Research Hunter Syndrome?

In its inaugural year, Project Alive seeks to support research in the Hunter Syndrome space that fills critical gaps in current knowledge across basic science, critical care and translational therapeutics to improve the lives of those affected with Hunter Syndrome and their families. Find out below how to get your research granted.

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Eligibility Requirements

Research Application Requirements

Eligibility to apply: 

  • Any associated academic or medical facilities must be located in the US.
  • Are a US citizen or are approved to remain in the country for the duration of the research project.
  • Undergraduate, post-doctoral, PhD, MD, or candidates, fellows, or researchers.
  • Resident or Fellowship level physicians or early career physicians are encouraged to apply, however this is not a requirement.
  • Research must include and benefit MPS II. Projects including other MPS types or additional disorders will be reviewed and approved at Project Alive’s discretion.
  • Based on requirements above, a Fellowship Application and Letter of Intent are both available.


Required Application Supplemental Information (Upon approval of Letter of Intent):


  • Attach Applicant CV/Biosketch
  • Attach Mentor CV/Biosketch if applicable
  • Attach program budget

Awardee Requirements:

Awardees will be required to present a summary of their efforts and research conducted on a schedule that will be determined by the awarding committee based on the length of the project. Depending on the timing of PA hosted meetings/conferences, awardees will be asked to attend/present as well.

Awardees will be required to participate in an orientation with the organization prior to or within 1 month of activating their fellowship.

How to Apply

Download and complete the Letter of Intent or Fellowship Applications and submit to Submissions will be reviewed within two to three weeks of receipt and notification will be sent on whether the project is accepted or declined.

Upon approval of the project, you will be required to submit a full proposal along with any additional supporting documents. Final review of application will be completed within three months of receipt at which time notification will be made of the decision.

See How We Are Supporting Research

Take a look into how we've aided research in the past and how it has affected the community! 

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Funding Cycle / Timeline Review:

Project Alive’s current research grant does not have a submission deadline. Applicants are welcome to submit their letter of intent at any time.

LOIs will be reviewed and a decision will be made within three weeks of submission. Following full proposal, application, and budget submission, projects will be awarded within three months. Projects may receive a deferred acceptance in the event of an influx in awarded projects or budget constraints for the year of submission. Funding cycles will be determined based on project need and length. Project Alive will work with awardees on timelines, funding cycle, and milestones prior to finalized agreement.

October 26, 2024

WonderFall Family Festival

Project Alive and The Hunter Syndrome Foundation are teaming up to host the WonderFall Family Festival on October 26, 2024 at the Rough Rider's Stadium in Frisco, TX! This fall festival will be an inclusive, family friendly event to raise awareness about Hunter syndrome and support the work being done in research, advocacy, and community support by Project Alive.