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Learn about what we offer to the kids and families within our community. 

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Project Alive's resource hub is built for the MPS II community. You'll find helpful resources for the entire community under Community Resources, insightful offerings for teens and adults with MPS II under Journey into Adulthood, and a listing of all active clinical trials. These pages will continue to develop with new offerings including webinars and workshops. Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on all new materials!

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Community Resources

Community Resources

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Understanding the challenges and nuances our community faces in their daily lives, we have curated a wealth of resources and tools to guide you along this journey. You will find supports in education, healthcare, federal resources and rights, and so much more. 

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College prep and the transition into adulthood can be a stressful time. We offer resources to families as they transition to a new part of their life and look forward into adulthood and future opportunities. 

  • College application aid
  • Resume-building webinars
  • Connections with internship partners
  • Higher education accessibility options 
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Funding Opportunities
MPS II Research

Project Alive seeks to support research in the Hunter syndrome space that fills critical gaps in current knowledge across basic science, critical care and translational therapeutics to improve the lives of those affected with Hunter syndrome and their families. 

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